Camping in the Changewater Wilderness



Miss K. opens the VBS with a warm welcome.



Lively music with hand motions got them started. 



 Ms J. joins the kids in singing



Wilderness Expert Sally Spruce visited the camp every day.


Sally told us about how much she loved "Moosen" and how she wanted to find them and give them a big hug.



Sally's goal was to look like a moose she could be near them! But instead, Sally learned about how God wanted us to understand how much he loves us so he sent His son, Jesus, to earth so that he could be nearer to us.





 Miss K. & the kids really rock with some lively songs.




Next, time to gather downstairs.



 Blankets were used as camping cabins.



Everyone was happy.


  The kids listened very closely to the stories.



They heard the Bible story about how Jesus loved and healed the Lepers.  The kids played the part of lepers who were sick by putting colorful stickers on themselves.  The Camp Counselors played the people who weren't sick.




 The lepers are separated from the Camp Counselors.  They have to stay in their own cabins.


But they all learned about how Jesus healed the lepers.


Camp Counselor Miss J shares with them how God loves everyone, sick or not.


She shows the Camp Counselors how to help heal them.


The Camp Counselors learned how to show God's love and compassion to others and worked together to heal them.



Then they became friends and all were happy.






Jesus Is The Light!  FOLLOW HIM!



 Working hard to make lanterns to light the way.



 They really got into it!



Even Miss S joined the fun!



 Super kids!





Listening to instructions from Miss J and Mister D.


Kids are getting ready for fun games.


Sharing fun things.



 Time to get up and stretch.   Next game.



 Hot potato?


 Still going around.



 Now, for the best in camping ....S'mores!


 Wow, this is what we've been waiting for!


 Boy, are these good!


I'll say!


What a great way to end the day!







180 Musconetcong River Road, Lebanon Twp. NJ





The parents were invited to join us on Sunday morning to get in on the fun.  The church was packed as they awaited their "wild adventure" on their CampOut experience.



Wilderness Expert Sally Spruce showed up one last time.  This time she was dragging her backpack full of heavy flashlights to try to light up her surroundings so she wasn't afraid of the dark any more.  Miss K showed her that she wasn't the only one who was afraid of the dark, and that Sally could be a light all by herself, just like Jesus. 


After trying to track moosen, stomping around like a moose and making moosey sounds so she could find a moose to give it a BIG HUG (because it was her favorite animal), Sally discovers that she doesn't have to turn into a moose to find what she's looking for or give love.  She can be herself plus be a light to others.  When she realizes this and Miss K lets her know she could still possibly find a moose if she kept looking, Sally thanks Miss K and makes moosey sounds with her professional moose caller as she drags the heavy backpack filled with flashlights down the aisle as she leaves. 



Lots of smiles and laughs were heard in the church that day.  The kids sang their songs, the parents joined in, and everyone had a wonderful experience as they were introduced to the:



Changewater UMC CampOut VBS 2017!






2017 VBS