Our History

A little bit of History......The church property was donated by a local businessman, John Bowers.  The Changewater United Methodist Church was built in 1901.

An article from the Hunterdon Republican newspaper Dec. 4, 1901 said-  "John Bowers total gift to the new M.E. church at this place will be about $500.  The people in this section all gave liberally and the church will be debt free" and "Oyster Supper held at this place on Saturday evening for the benefit of the Methodist Church was well attended, and they cleared about $30." 

We celebrated our 100th Anniversary in 2001 with a visit from Bishop Alfred Johnson and a Homecoming celebration that was open to the community.

Carriage House

The historic carriage house remains on the property behind the church building and is now used for parking and cover for events when needed.  The family-style outhouse has been donated to the Lebanon Township Museum.


Various church members have been instrumental in maintaining the church building.  They have shared their time and talents to make improvements to the church.

The cross that sits atop the bell tower on the church was lovingly created by one of our most dedicated members.  It beckons the community and can be seen from a distance, especially when the sun shines upon it.